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Episode 4

You are not a victim of your job. Take Control of Life

Published on: 27th October, 2021

Losing my insurance, no retirement plan, and income security; are excuses for not taking risks outside our job. I will also share my story of the day I got fired and my irrational fear for the next 10 years, which led me to my first Freedom Day - March 1, 2016.


 1. Do you enjoy your current job?
2. Do you have any sources of income outside of your job?
3. If you had enough money to live on, would you keep working where you do now?

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Freedom Nation Podcast
The Freedom Nation podcast is the home of Freedom Day, the achievement of a work-optional lifestyle. Our show focuses around personal finance, real estate, multiple sources of income, cashflow, and the stories of people that have achieved their own Freedom Days. Our host is Jeff Kikel a 30 year veteran of the Financial Services industry that attained his own Freedom Day by building multiple streams of income, selling some, buying more and sharing his story with the audience.
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