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Episode 180

The Art of the Empire: How John Hewitt Turned Entrepreneurial Vision into Financial Freedom

In this inspiring episode of the Freedom Nation Podcast, host Jeff Kikel sits down with John Hewitt, the legendary entrepreneur behind Jackson Hewitt Tax Service and Liberty Tax. Hewitt shares his incredible journey of innovation, strategic growth, and the relentless pursuit of financial freedom. From developing the first tax software on an Apple computer to founding and scaling billion-dollar companies, Hewitt’s insights are a treasure trove for anyone aiming to achieve their own Freedom Day through entrepreneurship.

Key Takeaways:

• The Origin of an Entrepreneur: Learn how a simple tax course recommendation from H&R Block sparked a lifelong passion in Hewitt, leading him to pioneer the tax preparation industry.

• Building Billion-Dollar Brands: Discover the strategic decisions and innovative thinking behind the creation, growth, and successful sale of Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax.

• The Power of Franchising: Hewitt shares why franchising from the start is crucial and how it fueled rapid expansion and success in the competitive tax preparation market.

• Diverse Ventures: Get an inside look into Loyalty Brands, Hewitt’s latest endeavor, encompassing a range of franchises from home inspections to pet grooming.

• Lessons in Leadership: Hewitt emphasizes the significance of hiring for attitude over skill and cultivating a positive culture for sustainable growth.

• Defining Freedom: Reflect on Hewitt’s personal definition of freedom as the ability to live unconventionally, thinking outside the norm and pursuing unique paths.

About the Guest:

John Hewitt is the "Hewitt" in "Jackson Hewitt Tax Service," after which he founded "Liberty Tax Service" with over 6,000 offices. John sold his interest in Liberty for nearly 500 million dollars. Now John and his partners and friends are helping Entrepreneurs discover how to become CEOs - "Building Their Empires" for the King of Kings. He is the author of the fascinating book iCompete and the CEO of Loyalty Brands.


Fast Five Questions:

1. If you woke up and your business was gone, you have $500, a laptop, a place to live, and food, what would you do first? “I would look for the next opportunity to help people and I've lived a life of changing lives."

2. What is the biggest mistake that you have made in business? ”not starting with franchising from day one when he began Jackson Hewitt.”

3. What is a book that you would recommend? "The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker”

4. What is a tool that you use every day that you would recommend? "not a physical tool the importance of hiring for attitude over skill"

5. What is your definition of freedom? ”Freedom means not being confined to normalcy or average expectations. It's about thinking outside the box and resisting the societal pressure to conform. True freedom is the ability to be unconventional and pursue one's unique path without being dragged back into conformity.”

About Jeff:

Jeff spent the early part of his career working for others. Jeff had started 5 businesses that failed before he had his first success. Since that time he has learned the principles of a successful business and has been able to build and grow multiple seven-figure businesses. Jeff lives in the Austin area and is actively working in his community and supporting the growth of small businesses. He is a board member of the Incubator.Edu program at Vista Ridge High School and is on the board of directors of the Leander Educational Excellence Foundation

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