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Episode 179

Unlocking Financial Freedom: A Journey from Corporate Career to Wealth Building with Walli Miller

In this episode of the Freedom Nation podcast, Jeff talks with Walli Miller, a former corporate employee who achieved financial independence and now runs her own business as a money coach.

Walli shares her inspiring journey of transitioning from lifestyle inflation and lack of wealth-building to achieving financial freedom at age 39 by investing and embracing an abundance mindset around money.

She discusses the importance of passive income streams like real estate, stocks, and entrepreneurship to accelerate wealth creation. Walli also provides insights on overcoming money scripts and beliefs formed in childhood that can sabotage financial success.

Key Takeaways:

• Wealth Building Mindset: Shift from just saving money to actively building wealth through investment vehicles like stocks, real estate, and entrepreneurship.

• Passive Income Streams: Focus on creating passive income sources that generate money without active work over time to achieve financial freedom.

• Heal Your Money Mindset: Examine and rewrite limiting beliefs about money formed in childhood to develop an abundance mindset.

• Get Support: Work with a money coach or find a community to provide accountability, perspective, and accelerate your wealth journey.

• Have a Financial Plan: When transitioning from a 9-5 job to entrepreneurship, ensure you have a solid financial runway and safety net in place first.

About the Guest:

Walli Miller is a financial coach and money mentor with a remarkable journey, transitioning from overspending and compulsive shopping to achieving a debt-free status and constructing a 7-figure investment portfolio. As a first-generation college graduate, Latina, and daughter of an immigrant, she hails from the Bronx and proudly holds the distinction of being the first millionaire in her family.

Realizing the need for a change in her financial habits during her 20s, Walli, after meticulously gaining control of her finances and formulating a strategic plan, achieved work-optional status before turning 40. Recently departing from her six-figure job in pursuit of more time freedom, Walli established Financially Thriving Money Coaching. This venture was born out of her passion to assist others in mastering their finances and creating lasting wealth.




Fast Five Questions

1. If you woke up and your business was gone, you have $500, a laptop, a place to live, and food, what would you do first? "I built my business on Instagram, so I would create an Instagram account and start providing value and start marketing what my skills are"

2. What is the biggest mistake that you have made in business? ”was not getting support early on. I think business coaching or just finding other people who are on the same journey as you is so important."

3. What is a book that you would recommend? "The Simple Path to Wealth by J. L. Collins”

4. What is a tool that you use every day that you would recommend? "iPhone"

5. What is your definition of freedom? ”My definition of freedom is being able to go to my niece's recitals and my nephew's soccer games and be able to spend six weeks visiting family and Not worried about traveling and in, in a one week or two week PTO situation, being able to slow travel and say, let's get an Airbnb and stay here for 60 days."

About Jeff:

Jeff spent the early part of his career working for others. Jeff had started 5 businesses that failed before he had his first success. Since that time he has learned the principles of a successful business and has been able to build and grow multiple seven-figure businesses. Jeff lives in the Austin area and is actively working in his community and supporting the growth of small businesses. He is a board member of the Incubator.Edu program at Vista Ridge High School and is on the board of directors of the Leander Educational Excellence Foundation

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